Experiences, modern cuisine and natural wonders, where the curious and adventurous find a place untouched by the hands of time. 

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1 and 2 Bedroom Accommodations

The uniqueness of our island lies in its lack of crowds, a distinctive feature attributed to the select few who make the extra effort to reach and savor the beauty of our destination. -Zena  & Chris  (your hosts)

About us:

The backdrop is a petite island with panoramic sea views from nearly every vantage point. 

Activities revolve around hiking, running, mountain biking, workouts, and various sea sports, with notable spots like the beachfront and hilltop nestled in olive groves. 

Everything is conveniently accessible on foot for the active, and for those seeking convenience, e-bikes, e-golf carts, SUPs, and kayaks are available for rent. 

The island exudes charm and tranquility, offering a plethora of family activities that are anything but dull. 

One exceptional adventure includes a visit to an uninhabited island, shrouded in mythical allure, where a treasure hunt promises an extravagant prize for the victor! 

With four distinct dining venues, each possessing its allure, the island caters to even the Epicurious. While there are no markets on the island, options like beverages, snacks, and local fruit are readily available to accompany your activities or be enjoyed in the comfort of your room. 

Additionally, we provide services catering to individuals with specific dietary requirements and specialize in organizing events for special occasions.

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