Work Here

Location & About us:

Mama Mia and My Big Fat Greek Family rolled into one epic summer!

Our island is situated 7 miles from the northwest coast of the popular Greek island, Corfu. With multiple direct daily flights from the CFU airport to all European cities, accessibility is convenient. Operating a Bed & Breakfast business in a village setting, we offer high-quality amenities. Crystal-clear beaches, nature walking paths, a crossfit gym, e-bike and electric golf cart rentals, beach loungers, snorkeling and Snuba equipment, and exquisite cuisine await our guests. We cherish our visitors, spending quality time with them in a quaint and peaceful environment.

As a dedicated husband-and-wife team, we are passionate about delivering exceptional guest experiences and seek collaboration to achieve our common goal. Our business operates seasonally from May to October, starting afresh each season. Walking in the hilly environment, amidst the fresh sea breeze and olive trees, keeps us fit, invigorated, and never bored.

Dive into paradise, where the fusion of learning and engaging activities guarantees a constant stream of excitement—an experience that will remain eternally cherished. We assure you that you'll leave feeling rejuvenated and fully prepared to pursue and conquer your dreams. 

Transportation to and from the island:

Our ferry service operates daily, connecting Corfu to the three islands in our vicinity. On certain days, these ferries extend their routes to other islands, returning to our island before making their way back to Corfu. Additionally, we have our own boat, ensuring even more frequent transportation connections to the main island. 

Island Activities:

Connecting with individuals from diverse backgrounds and forging lifelong acquaintanceships is immensely fulfilling for us. Moreover, being surrounded by nature offers a retreat-like experience—a cleansing of the mind, a nourishment of the soul, and a detoxification from city life. On your day off, you have the flexibility to engage in the mentioned guest activities, or alternatively, take the ferry to another island for shopping and expolring. You are also welcome to join us for a night out exploring neighboring villages on the other islands.

Description of Roles:

Domestic Activites Role: 

 -Greet and welcome guests in a friendly and professional manner.

- Assist with check-in and check-out procedures.

- Respond to guest inquiries and provide information about our services and amenities.

- Maintain cleanliness and organization of guest apartments and guest areas.

- Assist with breakfast preparation and service.

- Provide exceptional customer service to enhance guest satisfaction.

Construction and Beautification Role:  

- Assist with various construction projects, including renovations, repairs, and land maintenance tasks.

- Follow instructions from construction supervisors and experienced workers.

- Operate hand and power tools safely and effectively.

- Assist with lifting and carrying materials.

- Maintain cleanliness and organization of construction areas.

- Adhere to safety protocols and regulations at all times.

Hours & Employment Duration:

The work schedule consists of six days per week, totaling 40 hours, and the duration spans at least 3 months.

Accommodations and Food & Beverage:

We offer accomodation with air conditioning, and WiFi, access to a clothes washer and laundry soap will be provided. While we offer linens, it will be your responsibility to care for and wash them. One meal a day is included, and for the remaining meals, you can use your small pantry or explore local restaurants and cafes.

Benefits and Salary:

The initial salary offered is 900 Euros per month. Should you opt to dine at our cafe, you will receive a 50% discount on any desired food and beverage. Moreover, you will have access to an eBike for your convenience at all times, and for island hopping on your spare time, all ferry expenses will be reimbursed during your employment.