B E A C H  B A R
at the main beach
(Everything homemade with love)

Smoked Salmon Sandwich 12
    with capers, olives & cream cheese

Greek Fare Sandwich 10
    with feta cheese, tomato, olive oil, basil

Avocado Toast 12
   smashed avocado, vegetables and lemon

Greek Burger 15
Double Stacked Seasoned Beef Patties,
Spicy Feta Cheese, Sweet Tomatoes and Pickles, and Potato Salad

 Bowl  10
Grilled Chicken, Smoked Salmon or
Egg Salad
With your choice of vegetables:
Quinoa, Carrots, Tomato, Celery, Peppers, Greens


Lime Rickey
An outrageously refreshing summertime cocktail with Cointreau & lime

Creamy Piña Colada
Coconut Milk, Fresh Pineapple, Bacardi Spiced Rum, Blended with crushed Ice

Refreshing Margarita and Aperol Sptitz

Also on the shelf…….

Baileys, Jack, Belvedere, Bacardi Spice,
Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot,
Chardonnay,  Sauvignon Blanc, &  Prosecco 

Fresh Fuit Cup  7
Nachos Bowl 10
Dessert of the day 7
Waffle with Ice Cream 12


Greek Beer 330ml, 1 can 4
Corfu Beer 330ml Bottle 5
Ice Bucket w/ Beer Buy 6- 1 free!
Bottle Prosecco 20
Coke, Sprite, Zero, Sparkling Water 3
Iced Americano or Espresso 4
Water 2L 3€ 500 ml 1

Relish a delightful day on our family-friendly sandy beach, where our scrumptious offerings, crafted with fresh and wholesome ingredients, can be conveniently delivered to your beach chair. With various payment options available, your satisfaction and well-being are guaranteed. 

Oatmeal, Fruit and Chia Seeds

Greek Yogurt Sour Cherries

Pancakes for the important ones

Fresh Bread Daily


at Cafe Al Fresco
map it 👉 Downtown Mathraki Island



Filtered Coffee or Tea (Iced or Hot) 

Free Reffils 2

Bloody Mary  10
Mimosa & Prosecco  7
Protein Shake  8
Latte & Iced Latte 5
Americano (Hot or Iced) 4
Soft Drinks 3

The Odyssey

Shakshuka  12
Moroccan Baked Tomato & Egg Dish

Breakfast Quesadilla 10     
Tortilla filled with Cheese, Eggs, Bacon, and Peppers.

Breakfast Sourdough Egg Sandwich  10
Grilled buttery sourdough with cheese
diced veggies, and a bit spicy.

Cheese Omelet 10
Scrambled Eggs 10
Fried Eggs  10

Poached Eggs 10
Served with potato pancake and toast.

Greek Yogurt Parfait   10
With Fruit, Nuts, Honey, and Sour Cherries

Oatmeal 8
Almond Milk, Chia Seeds, and Fruit

Avocado Toast  10
Citrus accents, fresh herbs, chia seeds.
      with Smoked Salmon 16
Capers, red onion, dill, lemon.
      with Fried or Poached Eggs   12

Greek Taco (2) 10
Delicate Eggs, Feta Cheese,, Avocado, Tomato
and chili pepper flakes, yum!

Dessert D’Jour  7

Scylla and Charybdis (kids menu)

-French Toast with Nutella
-Pancakes with surprises
-Waffles with Chocolate
-Fresh Fruit Salad

-Chocolate Milk or Fruit Juice

BBQ Wednesdays

outdoors with music
👉 Downtown Mathraki Island

Experience the enchantment of Greek American-influenced BBQ accompanied by music beneath the stars in a charming Olive Grove. Our magical setting sets the stage for a unique dining experience. For our diverse menu options, please reach out for a discussion on the current offerings. With advance notice, we cater to fresh fish BBQ and accommodate specific group or dietary requirements. 

BBQ Menu

Mezze - Appetizers

Crispy Seafood

Delight 12
(shrimp, calamari, & fish cake)

Charred Pita Bites & Dips 8
 Spicy Feta & Smoked Eggplant

Village Meatballs with Yogurt Dip 9

BBQ Chicken Wings for beer lovers 10

Village Greek Salad

(feta, tomato, cucumber, onions, peppers, olives, capers,
  local extra virgin olive oil & vinegar)


Grilled Fish, Sea-Bream M/P  
 Also referred to as dorado, features tender, white flesh with a delicate flavor, grilled to perfection with herbs and lemon. Enjoy it whole or deboned at your table.

Grilled Charred Octopus M/P

Charred Broiled Lobster Tails M/P

Baby Lamb Chops, Grilled M/P

All American “6 Napkin” Bacon-Cheese-Burger 13

For big and small we have a treat for all 5/10

About our Brunch

Our brunch menu is thoughtfully curated with a strong focus on health-conscious, unprocessed choices, complemented by savory options to enhance your holiday celebration. While brunch is traditionally associated with weekends, we offer it every day because, during your holidays, every day is a weekend. Additionally, we've ensured that your meal is substantial enough to keep you satisfied until dinner. After enjoying your brunch, we're happy to assist in stocking your in-room coolers with ice, beverages, snacks, or any brunch leftovers, providing you with delightful nibbles throughout your day.

About our Ingredients:

Local products are first sourced from island residents. Living on a small quiet island requires all other products to be shipped from Corfu and Athens and it is reflected in the pricing. Ask us how to make your day even more special by hosting your special occasion with custom menus.

From our guest:

We went to "Al Fresco Downtown" to have breakfast as we were guests at Nisaki Mathraki B&B.

The breakfast was just awesome. We had a choice of coffee, tea, juices and milk and a special bread with a delicious butter, baked by Ksenia everyday. The jam and the cheese was fantastic too.

You think that breakfast finishes here? Actually the bread with jam, butter and cheese is just a starter. After that you can get another meal from a variety of choices: pancakes in different flavors ( with chocolate or with eggs) ,  French toasts, scrambled eggs sandwich, or fried egg sandwich, Greek yogurt with fruit and honey,  tortillas, waffle,  just to mention some of them, but the variety is massive.

After this you can also get a dessert, which is different everyday and which is made by Ksenia. Everyday (we stayed 15 days) we had different desserts (brownies, cheesecakes, rolls, fruit, quinoa desserts,  apple pie and many more).

Moreover the  quality of the food is something that should be mentioned, because it is really at a high level.

On top of this the owners take care of the minimal details. The location is under the olive trees, the tables are always properly set, with cutleries, plates, mats always cleaned and in order. Everything is brand new, furnished in good  taste.

I would suggest anyone to go there not only because of the breakfast which  is extremely good but also because Ksenia and Chris ( the owners) are fantastic people.  You can enjoy their hospitality, their empathy and their attention to the guests. We just fell in love with Chris and Ksenia .

Kid-friendliness: My kids loved this place, the French toast and the pancakes served in a Mickey Mouse shape.