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Mathraki Island is one of the 3 Corfu Diapontia Islands, 7 miles off the coast of NorthWest Corfu 

and only a 30-minute boat ride making it a wonderful opportunity for a day trip.

It is a wonderful way to experience the "Corfu Micro - Adventure"

Activities include the boat ride, guided hiking, snorkeling, Cross Fitness Equipment,  e-bike rental, and Golf-Cart Rental.

Mathraki Beach is the main beach and is 600m from the Port Of Mathraki.

Sandy, shallow water great for families.

Nisaki Mathraki is a social enterprise that will help you to get there and enjoy your stay.

Micro-adventures: Local Discoveries for Great Escapes. 

A micro-adventure is exactly what it sounds like. A short, simple, cheap, local version of an adventure.

If you are already in Corfu, consider taking a day trip to our island, Mathraki, it will be a micro-adventure you will always want to come back to -and we can help.

This adventure is available Mon, Wed and Sat.

Ferry - 12€ round-trip. 

You will stay on the island for 4-5 hours, and then depart again on the same ferry.

You will hike through small footpaths and find amazing photo opportunities while the importance of the island in Homer's Odyssey, is shared with you.

Opportunities for swimming, refreshments, a quick bite, and of course public facilities are available.

We would love to share all that with you and depart as friends, looking forward to another hike.

What to bring:

Hat, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Hiking Shoes, Bathing Suit, Beach Towel

For: Beginner Hikers / Moderate Activity Level.

Children under 18 should be accompanied by an adult.

The guided part of the experience is gratuity only! Food and beverage are available for purchase. Electric Bike Rentals are also available.