Our Enterprise

Why a social enterprise? 

A social enterprise is an organization that channels a portion of its profits from business activities back into the social development of a specific project. In the case of Nisaki Mathraki, 30% of the profits are reinvested in the social and environmental well-being of Mathraki Island.

About Nisaki Mathraki:

Our Vision: Establish and operate a social enterprise that actively contributes to the social development of Mathraki Island, located 7 miles off the northwestern coast of Corfu.

MISSION: Revitalize the social fabric of Mathraki by running a tourism business committed to investing and reinvesting in socially and environmentally friendly programs.


Educational Workshops:

To amplify our message, we're seeking dedicated Project Ambassadors who will champion our cause, disseminate information about our movement, and explore potential investment opportunities. Ambassadors will have the chance to visit the island and engage in an immersive discussion with our team to gain a thorough understanding of our mission and action plan. If you're passionate about volunteering as an ambassador for Nisaki Mathraki, we'll coordinate a visit that covers transportation, accommodation, and food & beverage. For more details, reach out to us at info@nisakimathraki.com. 

Team Nisaki Mathraki